To Request Funds (Agencies Only)

Each year, the Stow Community Chest raises and allocates funds to local non-profit service organizations to meet the needs of our community. If you have a particular need for a service, email us, and we will help you get the information you need or a contact name.

Among our requirements, non-profit organizations eligible for funding from the Stow Community Chest must:

  • Align with our purpose:

The purpose of this Community Chest shall be to encourage, assist and support health, welfare, charitable, educational, and character building agencies and projects; to raise and allocate funds needed to provide the aforementioned human services and to maximize the resources available to such agencies and projects; to muster community support for the attainment of Community Chest objectives; to manage Community Chest operations effectively, and to offer assistance to agencies of a general nature and/or in response to needs relating to the community. Special focus shall be given to agencies and projects that have strong local impact.

  • Be a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization
  • Demonstrate that Chest funds are essential to its operations

Please submit a formal request using our funding application.

Funding applications are sent in January to agencies we have previously supported and must be completed by early March. The Allocations Committee reviews the submitted applications in April and May, and checks are distributed to the recipient agencies before June 30. We use the following criteria in our evaluation of applications:

  • Is the agency meeting an urgent community need, one that could not be met by another agency?
  • Should the agency’s service program be supported by public (tax) resources, rather than by voluntary contributions?
  • Does the agency offer, or propose to provide, a unique or innovative service or more efficiency for existing services?
  • Does the agency propose to work on high priority problems or in a geographical area with great need for its services?
  • Is the quality and quantity of the agency’s service sufficient to justify its support by broad-based community fundraising?
  • Will the inclusion of the agency assist broad-based community fundraising?
  • Does the agency’s program meet or exceed the accepted standards of service?
  • Will the provided services be available to all persons without unconstitutional or otherwise illegal discrimination?

All eligible organizations are invited to become one of our funded agencies. If you would like to become affiliated with the Stow Community Chest, please submit a letter of application no later than November 1 of the fiscal year in which you want to be considered for allocations.

The Stow Community Chest wishes to be responsive to a broad spectrum of groups within the community. As a fundraising organization, we must take under advisement the implications of affiliation, or denial of affiliation, on our fundraising ability. We are also interested in providing a lasting benefit to Stow.